Posted on Monday November 6, 2017

Updated on Wednesday December 20, 2017


main image
A screenshot of CRAFT.

CRAFT  (the creative artificial intelligence fashion tool) is the winning project idea from the second Europeana Challenge of 2016. This early stage prototype has been developed by the Cypriot start-up NSAT Ltd. CRAFT is a web platform that builds on the recent computer vision progress in the fields of generative adversarial networks, segmentation and similarity-based retrieval, to allow users to create (and share) images of high perceptual quality featuring unique styles with just a few clicks.

The user uploads a photo which is automatically segmented into different fashion items (like dresses, trousers, coats). Visual styles, found in Europeana Collections or provided by the user, are then blended with the clothing segments, creating a new image which can then be downloaded and shared. Finally, the tool recommends similar fashion styles from one of our Europeana Fashion catwalk sets.