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Posted on Monday October 2, 2023

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023


WEAVExperience (WEAVEx) is a web-based tool for managing digital cultural heritage content in different formats alongside content from, allowing people to curate digital stories and experiences. It was developed by IN2 under the WEAVE Europeana Generic Services project.

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WEAVEx tool overview

About the tool

WEAVEx is a web-based tool for managing different types of content including images, PDFs, documents, 3D models and videos. The tool can support holistic documentation of cultural communities’ heritage through digital community spaces and curated digital stories and experiences.

Audiences browsing the Europeana website can import individual records to the tool using the Europeana Collect browser extension, an extension initially developed under CultureMoves Generic Service project They can also import public galleries created by users. Content imported from the Europeana website can be mixed with content which WEAVEx users can upload directly to the tool.

All content managed by WEAVEx is easily findable in the tool thanks to an AI-powered advanced search. People can select and curate collections and stories to be visualised in different ways and published either on their public account page on WEAVEx or embedded on external websites, applications or blogs.

Benefits of the tool

  • Makes existing collections digitally accessible in new ways, such as through curated virtual exhibitions which are also accessible also on mobile devices

  • Fosters the reuse of content made available through

  • Helps cultural heritage institutions to share their collections to a general public online, have a more dynamic web-presence and create new forms of engagement with their audiences.

  • Allows anyone to build their own library of cultural content and become creative curators of new exhibitions and experiences. They can also share these with the cultural institutions from which the digital assets originated, opening a powerful communication channel with them.

Technical information

WEAVEx is built using open web standards and is based on the MovesScrapbook tool. It uses the Europeana Record API to import individual items from the Europeana website into WEAVEx, and the Europeana Set API to import complete Europeana public sets (galleries) into WEAVEx. It also uses the Europeana oEmbed to display items from the Europeana website. The backend of WEAVEx allows for many concurrent users and makes use of AI to allow users to more efficiently search and find content.

Use of the tool

Start using WEAVEx by registering here . You can also find out more through the online tutorial or by contacting the project partners.