About the tools

MovesCollect is a browser plugin that allows users to select and save cultural heritage content into their own MovesScrapbook boards. MovesScrapbook enables the user to organise and mix previously saved material with their own content and create unique stories shown as scrapbooks. These narratives can be used by educators, scholars, creatives, tourism professionals and the general public in their storytelling projects.  

Benefits of the tools 

  • Encourage creative storytelling and are easy to use
  • Help cultural heritage institutions to increase engagement with their digital collections across audiences

  • Support educators to increase participation in the classroom and encourage the creation of new learning resources

  • Offer opportunities to promote local heritage and tourism through rich, digital narratives

Technical information

Both tools use open web technologies and connect to Europeana via the Europeana Record and Search API. MoveScrapbook can be easily integrated into third-party web applications and portals through the open JSON APIs.

Use of the tools

To use the tools, install the browser plugin MovesCollect and register for MovesScrapbook on the CultureMoves portal. You can also take a look at the CultureMoves tutorial and contact the project partners for more information.