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Posted on Wednesday August 12, 2020

Updated on Wednesday June 21, 2023


The Dashboard is an online tool that allows users to share 3D models and their associated metadata for review and publication on the Europeana collections website. This tool was developed under the Europeana Generic Services project Share3D

main image
Screenshot of the Dashboard on the Share3D website
July 2020

About the tool

3D content has a relatively low representation in cultural heritage collections, but demand for it is continuously growing. The Dashboard tool addresses this challenge by supporting institutions and individuals who want to create and publish 3D content in Europeana. It offers an efficient process to create metadata for models in line with the Europeana Data Model and the Europeana Publishing Framework. The enriched metadata records can then be submitted from the Dashboard to Europeana via CARARE’s aggregation service without any additional work on the side of the cultural institution.

The tool has been designed with cultural heritage institutions who are uploading 3D models in Sketchfab and want to share them in Europeana in mind, but is also useful for creatives, educators, researchers and tourism professionals who want to publish their 3D models and use them for their creative projects. For more information regarding the possible use per sector, take a look at the project case studies.

Benefits of the tool

  • Supports the discoverability and reusability of 3D content through a rich metadata repository, helping cultural heritage institutions to share their digital collections more widely.

  • Ensures that the metadata of 3D content complies with the policies and standards developed by Europeana to ensure and preserve the quality of the metadata.

  • Encourages experts and non-experts in 3D modelling to discover Europeana as a source of high-quality cultural records and be inspired to explore it further.

Use the Dashboard

Sign up to the tool and start sharing your content. Find more information on the  Share3D website, or get in contact with the project partners.