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portrait of Henning Scholz

Henning Scholz

Partner & Operations Manager , Europeana Foundation

Publishing Framework

The Europeana Publishing Framework makes it easy for you, our data partners, to see how the quality of the metadata and content you provide affects how we can surface, showcase and promote it on Europeana Collections and beyond, and how others can view it, share it and work with it. 

To manage data and deliver it in higher quality to our audiences, we’ve developed two sets of guidelines (tiers) of participation in Europeana. The content tiers were developed in 2015 and the metadata tiers added in 2018.

What data partners provide will depend on their own agendas and capabilities, but the higher the quality of information provided, the more benefit created for audiences and the greater the potential use in education, research and the creative industries.

Both the content and metadata tiers are based on real examples and have been developed in wide-ranging discussion under Europeana-led projects, Task Forces and working groups.



Publishing Framework

Open folder

The 2015 version of the Publishing Framework has been translated into various languages by our partners and is available below. Please note that this booklet does not make mention of the metadata tiers but we’re in the process of updating it. In the meantime, please contact us with any questions.

The Publishing Framework has been translated in a couple of languages by our partners. Currently available are: