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Posted on Wednesday December 14, 2022

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

Subbit! platform

The Subbit! Platform is an audiovisual editing platform which allows people to run crowdsourced campaigns to edit automatically generated subtitles. It was developed under the Europeana Subtitled project.

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The Subbit! platform allows cultural heritage institutions to set up and run custom campaigns to correct, edit and validate automatically generated subtitles from languages including Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Slovenian, Spanish, and Romanian to English. The platform encourages people to dive into audiovisual clips from various European heritage collections available on the Europeana website in detail in a friendly and fun way while enriching the clips for future use. 

The subtitles used by the platform are created automatically by the Europeana Subtitled AI Pipeline which automatically generates closed captions and subtitles videos using automatic speech recognition and machine translation from EU languages to English. 

The Subbit! platform was developed by Translated as part of the Europeana Subtitled Generic Service project. The platform is currently only available in English, and can be used in several online browsers. The platform connects with Europeana by aggregating revised subtitles and closed captions via the Europeana Annotations API.

Benefits of the platform 

  • The Subbit! platform encourages professionals and the general public to work directly with audiovisual archival content and European heritage.

  • Events using the platform motivate participants to improve and practise their language skills.

  • The platform and events promote the call for more accessible audiovisual archival material for multilingual audiences and awareness of audiovisual online collections.

How to use the platform

A Subbit! online training suite consisting of 13 videos was prepared to introduce the platform, as well as offer training on advanced features of the tool. 

In the video below, Francesco Fedele of Translated, explains how you can use the Subbit! platform and invites cultural heritage institutions to organise community campaigns. 

To improve subtitles and experience the platform first hand, go to, make an account, and start using it. For more information you can also contact the project partners for more information. 

Take a look at the Europeana Subtitled AI PipelineTraining Suite if you want to know more about the Europeana Subtitled Pipeline and learn more about the use of AI-technologies to enhance AV materials.