CrowdHeritage Platform

CrowdHeritage is an online crowdsourcing platform for enriching the metadata of digitised cultural heritage material. The platform was developed under the Europeana Generic Services project CrowdHeritage.

Screenshot of the CrowdHeritage platform
Crowdheritage website screenshot
August 2020

About the platform

Through the CrowdHeritage platform, cultural heritage institutions can set up and run custom crowdsourcing campaigns to involve culture enthusiasts, students, researchers and the general public in improving the quality of their collections. The platform allows anyone to add annotations to selected cultural records or validate existing ones, offering a unique way to engage European citizens with cultural heritage material.

The platform is currently available in three languages (English, Italian and French) and supports the use of multilingual vocabularies in the annotations. 

Benefits of the platform

  • Offers custom campaigns which help cultural heritage institutions to benefit from crowdsourced knowledge and enrich their collections

  • Encourages people to work directly with digitised cultural heritage from across Europe

  • Uses an intuitive approach and gamification elements to enhance user experience

  • Improves the quality and discoverability of online cultural heritage material, supporting its wider reuse

  • Raises awareness of online collections, including among non-English speakers

Technical information

CrowdHeritage is an open-source platform that uses Europeana APIs and several other available APIs from cultural institutions across the world. The platform connects to the Europeana Core Service Platform through the Europeana Search, Annotations, and Entity APIs.

Use CrowdHeritage 

To learn more and use the CrowdHeritage platform to create tailored campaigns, visit the website and contact the project partners.