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Posted on Friday December 4, 2020

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

LinBi Enrichment Platform

The LinBi enrichment platform supports data enrichment by providing tools for linking, enriching and creating new objects following Europeana Data Model guidelines. The tool was developed under the Europeana Generic Services project LinBi

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Screenshot of the LinBi Enrichment platform Connecting content: link your items with other Europeana records and submit a user set
Martin Gordon

About the platform

The LinBi enrichment platform has three functionalities that allow content partners and cultural heritage institutions to enrich, cluster and create content related to Natural History. 

Benefits of the platform

  • Allows users to enrich Europeana items with additional multimedia objects and add the new enriched content as new multimedia objects to the LinBi platform. 

  • Allows users to create clustered content sets on a specific topic. These can be automatically aggregated via OpenUp! infrastructure to publish the cluster set to the Europeana website. 

  • Creates a connected cluster description in any language alongside English.

  • Allows users to create new records.

Technical information 

The platform uses the Europeana Search API to retrieve relevant Europeana records to the LinBi platform. Users can use the search component within the platform to find the relevant Europeana content. The clustered content set uses the  Europeana User Set API to retrieve the clustered set back to Europeana. The platform is currently available in four EU languages: English, Spanish, German and French. 

The LinBi enrichment platform is aligned with open-source standards and frameworks as it is based on the Omeka-CMS system, the open-source content management system for online digital collections. 

Use the platform

To learn more and use LinBi enrichment platform and its functionalities visit the platform website or contact the project partners.