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Careers at the Europeana Foundation are diverse, with dynamic roles and responsibilities across the organisation. Use this page to explore our current job openings and join us in our mission to transform the world with culture.

Job vacancies

  • Senior Software Developer
    Job Sophie Klein Faryël Duijm

    Senior Software Developer

    Position type: Full time

    Looking for a Senior Software Developer who will work with colleagues spread over Europe and will help to develop and maintain the software that powers all our products.

  • Technical Analyst

    Title: Ideal Landscape with a Young Man Killing a Snake

    Creator: Franc Kavčič/Caucig

    Date: Gorizia, 1755 – Vienna, 1828

    Institution: National Gallery of Slovenia, Ljubljana

    Country: Slovenia

    Public Domain
    Job Sophie Klein Faryël Duijm

    Technical Analyst

    Position type: Full time

    Looking for a Technical Analyst who will support the data experiments and software development. Work with the R&D and product teams to ensure Europeana's goals for the (meta)data enhancement and service improvement. 

  • System Administrator

    Title: Meet- en regelkamer Naftakraker 3

    Date: 10 september 1974

    Institution: Collectie De Staatsmijnen

    Country: Netherlands

    Public Domain
    Job Sophie Klein Faryël Duijm

    System Administrator

    Position type: Full time

    Looking for a System Administrator for Linux Platforms (Ubuntu/Debian) running applications on a Java Platform, to perform research, analysis, troubleshooting and maintain system security and integrity controls.