Posted on Monday October 5, 2020

Updated on Tuesday August 24, 2021

Europeana Essentials slide deck

A slide deck covering a range of topics to support presentations about work from, or with, the Europeana Initiative. 


The Europeana Essentials slide deck is a resource which provides an overview of the work undertaken by the Europeana Initiative. It is intended to support anyone who is presenting work on or with Europeana, and helps to give an overview of the areas the Initiative is engaged in. 

Europeana Essentials covers a range of topics including strategy, network and collaboration, advocacy, access to culture (including aggregation, data quality, user experience and editorial), resources (including events, Europeana Pro and Research Grants), and innovation (including APIs, enrichment and multilingualism). 

Why use it?

  • Offers comprehensive and up-to-date information about Europeana’s work through concise descriptions and engaging images. 

  • The slides are deliberately brief so that you can fit them into the story you want to tell. You can make a copy of the whole slide deck or copy individual slides into your own presentation. 

  • Additional information is provided in the presenter notes. 

Use the slide deck

You can view the slide deck above. To use the slides, access the full slide deck, make a copy and use it to build your own presentation. 

Something missing? If there’s some ‘Essential’ information you need that’s missing from this deck, let us know! Email