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Europeana Essentials is a resource which provides an overview of the work undertaken by the Europeana Initiative. It is intended to support anyone who is presenting work on or with the Europeana Initiative, and helps to give an overview of the areas the Initiative is engaged in. 

Europeana Essentials covers a range of topics in eight slide decks. The first three decks provide background information focussing on the context in which the Europeana Initiative operates.

    0. Data space essentials: information about the common European data space for cultural heritage.

  1. Strategy and priorities: including vision/mission, values, digital transformation, data space, and current advocacy topics  

  2. Europeana ecosystem: Europeana Foundation, Europeana Network Association, Europeana Aggregators’ Forum, projects and partnerships

The next four slide decks tell the story of how cultural material (data) makes its way into, what we do with it, and how it is used by others. 

  1. Getting (high quality) data in: aggregation and tools (Metis, Sandbox, Statistics Dashboard), Frameworks - Europeana Licensing Framework, Europeana Publishing Framework, Europeana Data Model

  2. Data and innovation: EuropeanaTech, enrichment, IIIF, Linked Open Data, Artificial Intelligence, Multilinguality

  3. Exploring the data through digital public services: The Europeana website, user experience, accessibility, engagement via editorial, social media, campaigns, festivals and competitions. 

  4. Using/reusing the data: APIs, reuse case studies, reuse in education, reuse in research. 

The final slide deck looks at what support and resources are available for cultural heritage professionals who wish to develop their skills or knowledge in particular areas relating to digital cultural heritage. 

  1. Professional support (capacity-building): Resources on Europeana Pro, impact, copyright, research, education, events.

Why use it?

  • Offers comprehensive and up-to-date information about the Europeana Initiative’s work through concise descriptions and engaging images. 

  • The slides are deliberately brief so that you can fit them into the story you want to tell. You can make a copy of the whole slide deck or copy individual slides into your own presentation. 

  • Additional information is provided in the presenter notes; you can also watch a presentation on 'Presenting Europeana' using the Europeana Essentials. 

Use the slide deck

To use the slides, go to one of the slide decks using the links above, make a copy (go to 'File>Make a copy>Entire presentation') and use it to build your own presentation in Google Slides. 

If you'd rather use Powerpoint, choose the Europeana Essentials deck you wish to use and select 'File>Download>Microsoft Powerpoint (.pptx)'.

And of course, you can simply use the information from Europeana Essentials without using the slides at all. 

Something missing? If there’s some ‘Essential’ information you need that’s missing from this deck, let us know! Email