MotionNotes is a multimodal video annotator that facilitates the use of digital technologies in art and dance performances. This standalone tool was developed under the Europeana Generic Service project CultureMoves.

Screenshot of MotionNotes Annotator from CultureMoves website
Screenshot of MotionNotes Annotator from CultureMoves website
May 2020

About the tool 

MotionNotes is a real-time, multimodal video annotator based on keyboard, touch and voice inputs. It was designed to assist the creative and exploratory processes of both professional and amateur users who work with dance choreography and art performances.  

The tool allows users to record videos and take notes over the video at the same time and make annotations including drawings, text, voice, marks and web URL links to edit and enrich video performances. Users can work with this web-based tool on any web browser and device.

Benefits of the tool

  • Allows users to annotate dance performances in real time, supporting the practice of dance professionals and enthusiasts

  • Encourages and enhances the use of dance related content for the promotion of local and regional territories, potentially strengthening community ties and attracting tourism. 

Technical information 

The tool follows responsive design principles and can be used across all major operating systems, browsers and devices (including smartphones and tablets). The videos are WebM files (open, royalty-free, media file format). Annotations and metadata are stored in an open video-specific JSON format.

Use MotionNotes

To use the MotionNotes tool, register and log in on the website. You can also find out more through the online tutorial, or by contacting the project partners.