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Posted on Friday August 7, 2020

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

Enhanced Unified Playout Service

This universal audiovisual player offers a set of functionalities for reuse of AV content, and was developed under the Europeana Generic Services project Europeana Media.

main image
Screenshot of 'European Treaties celebrate their first year' in the player on Europeana website

About the tool

The Enhanced Unified Playout Service is a universal audiovisual player which offers a set of functionalities for reuse of AV content, including editing, embedding, annotation, video-fragmenting and more. These are specially tailored for cultural heritage institutions. Currently, the player is implemented on Europeana and EUscreen, the Europeana domain aggregator for audiovisual cultural heritage. 

The player on Europeana enables the display of various AV formats and subtitles as well as streaming and embedding AV in external platforms. On EUscreen, users can also create video fragments, as well as add quotations and subtitles to the selected AV content. The media player is available in and supports all official EU languages. 

Benefits of the tool 

  • Offers a free and user-friendly way to encourage AV heritage reuse 

  • Helps cultural heritage institutions to widen their outreach and increase engagement with key audiences (including educators, researchers and culture lovers) by making it easier for them to incorporate AV content into professional or personal projects. 

  • Raises awareness of AV heritage collections and encourages engagement from non-English speakers through its multilingual functionality. 

Technical information

The player uses open standards such as HTML5, W3C media, JSON Object and its source code was licensed under EUPL v1.2.  The player complies with IIIF  technology for the media items. If you are interested in learning more about the codebase, take a look at the Europeana GitHub repository. 

Use the Enhanced Unified Playout Service  

To try out the player’s features for your own collections, sign up on EUscreen. To learn more about the tool, contact the project partners and watch the video below.