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Posted on Thursday February 11, 2016

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

Art History Collection

The Europeana Art History Collection is a carefully selected sub-set of items which uses multi-lingual, diverse, topic-based terms to query the Europeana API
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The recently relaunched Europeana Collections website is a searchable, visual interface to the complete collection of nearly 50 million records. Within this we have developed carefully crafted queries that return high quality thematic collections. The Europeana Art History Collection is a broad selection of over 1.2 million art history related items.

For the purposes of re-use we would then filter these down to only items with high quality, directly accessible media files available under an open license.

Whilst at first the query may look daunting, this is has been optimised on the servers to ensure high performance (it has to, the API now powers the actual Collections website which receives over 1 million page views per month).

The query is:

qf=(DATA_PROVIDER:"Östasiatiska museet" NOT TYPE:TEXT) OR (DATA_PROVIDER:"Medelhavsmuseet") OR (DATA_PROVIDER:"Rijksmuseum") OR (europeana_collectionName: "91631_Ag_SE_SwedishNationalHeritage_shm_art") OR (DATA_PROVIDER:"Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon") OR (DATA_PROVIDER:"Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya") OR (DATA_PROVIDER:"Victoria and Albert Museum") OR (DATA_PROVIDER:"Slovak national gallery") OR (DATA_PROVIDER:"Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum") OR (DATA_PROVIDER:"Museo Nacional del Prado") OR (DATA_PROVIDER:"Statens Museum for Kunst") OR (DATA_PROVIDER:"Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest") OR (DATA_PROVIDER:"Hungarian National Museum") OR (DATA_PROVIDER:"Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest") OR (DATA_PROVIDER:"Szépművészeti Múzeum") OR (DATA_PROVIDER:"Museum of Fine Arts - Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest") OR (DATA_PROVIDER:"Schola Graphidis Art Collection. Hungarian University of Fine Arts - High School of Visual Arts, Budapest") OR (PROVIDER:"Ville de Bourg-en-Bresse") OR (DATA_PROVIDER:"Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg") OR ((what:("fine art" OR "beaux arts" OR "bellas artes" OR "belle arti" OR "schone kunsten" OR konst OR "bildende kunst" OR "Opere d'arte visiva" OR "decorative arts" OR konsthantverk OR "arts décoratifs" OR paintings OR schilderij OR pintura OR peinture OR dipinto OR malerei OR måleri OR målning OR sculpture OR skulptur OR sculptuur OR beeldhouwwerk OR drawing OR poster OR tapestry OR gobelin OR jewellery OR miniature OR prints OR träsnitt OR holzschnitt OR woodcut OR lithography OR chiaroscuro OR "old master print" OR estampe OR porcelain OR mannerism OR rococo OR impressionism OR expressionism OR romanticism OR "Neo-Classicism" OR "Pre-Raphaelite" OR Symbolism OR Surrealism OR Cubism OR "Art Deco" OR "Art Déco" OR Dadaism OR "De Stijl" OR "Pop Art" OR "art nouveau" OR "art history" OR "" OR "histoire de l'art" OR kunstgeschichte OR "estudio de la historia del arte" OR Kunstgeschiedenis OR "illuminated manuscript" OR buchmalerei OR enluminure OR "manuscrito illustrado" OR "manoscritto miniato" OR boekverluchting OR kalligrafi OR calligraphy OR exlibris)) AND (provider_aggregation_edm_isShownBy:*)) NOT (what: "printed serial" OR what:"printedbook" OR "printing paper" OR "printed music" OR DATA_PROVIDER:"NALIS Foundation" OR DATA_PROVIDER:"Ministère de la culture et de la communication, Musées de France" OR DATA_PROVIDER:"CER.ES: Red Digital de Colecciones de museos de España" OR PROVIDER:"OpenUp!" OR PROVIDER:"BHL Europe" OR PROVIDER:"EFG - The European Film Gateway" OR DATA_PROVIDER: "Malta Aviation Museum Foundation" OR DATA_PROVIDER:"National Széchényi Library - Digital Archive of Pictures" OR PROVIDER:"Swiss National Library")

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