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Posted on Monday June 29, 2015

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023


MyStoryPlayer is an audiovisual annotation tool developed by the project ECLAP, the e-library for performing arts.
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MyStoryPlayer - MyStoryPlayer is an audiovisual annotation tool developed by the project ECLAP, the e-library for performing arts.

This tool has been developed to offer new possibilities for educational and ‘infotainment' purposes.

MyStoryPlayer allows a user to interact with multimedia objects by annotating them with other audiovisual objects through temporal and logical relationships. A user can therefore connect different multimedia resources around a topic or an event by creating explicit relationships between them and play them synchronously within the same interface.

Each annotation created within the tool contains:

  • a text description, as in any other annotation tools
  • a link between two different media , which are related through a time relation.

The user can annotate an object using a resource as a whole (e.g. an image) or by using only a part of this resource (e.g. few minutes of a video).

Once an object has been completely annotated, the user can play the different media in parallel and start comparison work. The users can play several related annotations, creating their own story by navigating among them. The stories are personal experiences that can be shared among users. This is very interesting and useful for educational purpose and for leisure.

MyStoryPlayer is based on a semantic database using a RDF ontology and can be used as a web application.

MyStoryPlayer tool page is available at: A stand alone version is accessible on](

Videos providing m ore details on the tool can be played on ECLAP at: