Posted on Wednesday September 13, 2017

Updated on Thursday November 9, 2017


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Use Cinemacina for a dynamic, visual experience of the diverse and rich Europeana Collections.

Type a keyword on Cinemacina’s search field or select one of the suggested queries to find Europeana records on a specific topic. Filter further your selection for different license types by selecting the “CC” tag. Your results will be presented on an interactive, visual wall.

Cinemacina takes you on a visual tour through Europeana by allowing you to play with images size or enjoy a slideshow of images at a large resolution.

Those interested in using image selections for their creative projects, can make use of the download button. On a click, it opens a new page with all image downloadable URLs and related license explanations. It’s a convenient, fast way to get your desired search results at an instance, saving you time for using this material creatively.

Find out more about Cinemacina in these instructions and watch a video tutorial here.

Cinemacina is one of the First Europeana Challenge winners and was developed by the Institute for Artificial Art Amsterdam (