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Europeana Communicators Community

Who we are

Europeana Communicators is a specialist community of communications professionals within the Europeana Network Association. We aim to strengthen the digital cultural heritage sector by promoting digital cultural heritage in action and supporting each other to be the best communications professionals we can be.

What we do

  • Support: We contribute to the Europeana knowledge base by supporting the development and promotion of training resources, tools or activities. 
  • Upskill: We equip members with digital communications skills. 
  • Inspire: We share examples of digital culture in action, demonstrating the relevance of Europeana and digital culture in general today.

Why join

If you're responsible for or contribute to communications for a cultural heritage institution, or if you're always championing cultural heritage on your blog or social media, then join us!

  • Develop professional skills with access to communications tools, resources and training

  • Keep up-to-date with latest communications news from the cultural heritage sector (if you're already an ENA member, please join our ListServ discussion list)

  • Share your own calls to action with the community

  • Connect with peers across Europe and beyond

  • Expand your network within the cultural heritage sector


Communicators work plan 2021

Explore our work plan for 2021

Title: Dancing from "L'Espagne ... Illustrée de 309 gravures dessinées sur bois par Gustave Doré"

Date: 1874

Institution: British Library

Country: United Kingdom

Public Domain

Newsletter - Let's Talk Culture!

Monthly update including campaigns, events and social media updates.

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Four actions to take right now

  1. Follow Europeana on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - then like, share and join in! 
  2. Watch our Culture From Home webinar series and discover how cultural heritage institutions are turning online to engage with audiences during the pandemic lockdown.
  3. Tweet with #AllezCulture to show support for digital culture and the cultural heritage sector and can be used to promote digital culture in action or as a rallying call.
  4. Tweet with #EuropeanaCommunities to bring the Europeana Network Association, its specialist communities and other Europeana-related networks together.

Meet the steering group

Meet Chair Peter Soemers, Co-Chairs Susan Hazan and Killian Downing, and members of the Steering Group.

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It's where we chat, discuss issues and give you the latest updates. 

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Title: Europeana Strategy Meeting 2016

Creator: Sebastiaan ter Burg

Institution: Europeana Foundation

Country: Netherlands


Latest news

Explore fantastic examples of storytelling with digital culture

Title: Párka

Creator: Szász Endre

Institution: Rippl-Rónai Megyei Hatókörű Városi Múzeum - Kaposvár

Country: Hungary


Explore fantastic examples of storytelling with digital culture

Created: 14 May 2021

Digital storytelling is the topic in focus this month on Europeana Pro, as we hear from the Europeana Network Association’s Task Force on Europeana as a ‘powerful platform for storytelling’. Today, they share the digital storytelling examples they collected from around the web - and around the world - as a longlist and three detailed case studies.

Celebrating a multilingual public domain

Celebrating a multilingual public domain

Created: 14 January 2021

Towards the end of 2020, OpenGLAM and the Europeana Copyright and Communicators communities organised two translation sprints to make key guidelines and articles about the public domain available to more people in their native languages. We look back on the sprints and share the translations.