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Task forces

What does a Task Force do?
Task Forces are designed to help solve specific issues and challenges affecting the digital heritage field. They are the way for the Network to influence the operation, policy, strategy and direction of the Europeana initiative, and bring it as close as possible to the needs of the digital heritage sector.

How do they work?
Our members - with the guidance of the Members Council - discuss and propose recommendations on specific subjects or areas of common interest that would benefit from a Task Force. Over the next six to nine months, the Task Force will gather information and then report back with recommendations.

Do you have a great idea for a new Task Force?
Please browse through the list of the past examples, or contact any of the current Task Force chair people to ask about their experiences.

Read the Terms of Reference below and fill in the Task Force proposal form.

Terms of reference for Task Forces

Task Forces are set up to allow members of the Europeana Network Association to take on specific subjects or areas of common interest to the digital heritage field and the running Business Plan.

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Task Force recommendations

Browse the published recommendations of our completed Task Forces. The title of each links to the related recommendations.

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Running Task Forces

  • AI in relation to GLAMs
    Task Force 1 December 2019 - 30 November 2020

    AI in relation to GLAMs

    AI technologies are not new but recent innovative developments have spurred a proliferation of applications and experimentations in different areas making AI the next big thing in many areas of activity and nurturing great expectations about its potential impact. GLAMs as well have started to experiment with different AI techniques applied in the different areas of their operation ranging from data analysis to enrichment, or even generation of new information.

  • New Professionals

    Interior with Lace-Worker and a Visitor; Reading Aloud

    1650 - 1668



    Public Domain
    Task Force 1 January 2020 - 30 September 2020

    New Professionals

    10 years into Europeana’s existence, a recent report has recommended capacity building as a way forward to renew value and relevance within Europeana and the wider cultural heritage sector.

Past Task Forces

List of past Task Forces and their final recommendations.

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