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Posted on Thursday December 10, 2020

Updated on Monday April 12, 2021

1 January 2021 to 30 September 2021
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Audiovisual Material in Europeana Classroom

This Task Force aims to build on the work of previous Audiovisual Media in Europeana Task Forces with a specific focus on educational use. 

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The Task Force aims to investigate how to increase the availability and reusability of a/v material in Europeana Classroom and for educators in general, including looking at how to increase the use of the Unified Media Player in education. This will contribute to making it easy and rewarding for cultural heritage institutions to share high-quality content and engage people on Europeana websites and via participatory campaigns. 

Expected outcomes of the Task Force

Task Force recommendations as a White Paper

Consequences of expected outcomes

  • Diverse type of content available in Europeana Classroom for educational purposes (audiences include teachers, educators, lifelong learners)
  • Fulfil teacher's expectations for a highly demanded kind of content (according to several surveys run by Europeana Education over the last two years).
  • Make participatory and interactive educational tools available for users
  • Encourage engagement with students, both with the Europeana Classroom space and Europeana website in general