Posted on Thursday December 10, 2020

Updated on Wednesday October 27, 2021

1 January 2021 to 30 September 2021
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Audiovisual Material in Europeana Classroom

This Task Force investigated how to increase the availability and reusability of audiovisual material in Europeana Classroom and for educators in general, including looking at how to increase the use of the Unified Media Player in education.

A person working on a computer while students look on
Title: Studenten van het ROC-A12 te Ede te gast bij Lukkien voor een workshop radio-opname
Creator: Koster, Gert Jan
Date: 26/11/2004
Institution: Gemeentearchief Ede
Country: Netherlands

The activities of the Task Force will contribute to making it easy and rewarding for cultural heritage institutions to share high-quality content and engage people on the Europeana website and via participatory campaigns. This Task Force aimed to build on the work of previous Audiovisual Media in Europeana Task Forces, with a specific focus on educational use. 


This Task Force produced a White Paper which provides information about the work undertaken - you can download it below.

The ambition of the Task Force was to identify both opportunities and challenges faced by educators and audiovisual collection holders when trying to place audiovisual content in an educational context. Recommendations were formulated based on previous work, an online survey for educators, and hands-on, co-creative work on six case studies selected and conducted by the Task Force members. These were developed into recommendations built around five key areas: Media Literacy, Co-creation and Dialogue, Multilingual access, Resources allowing deeper and creative interaction (My Profile and Galleries, Crowdsourcing, Unified Media Player) and Copyright.