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Europeana Copyright Community

Who we are

The Europeana Copyright community is a group of professionals interested in copyright and digital cultural heritage. 

What we do

We cultivate, curate and share knowledge around the topic of copyright in the cultural heritage sector. We run dedicated communications channels to help professionals access tools, resources and news around copyright as well as to discuss best practices across the sector.

Why join?

  • Shape copyright practices that serve the needs of the digital cultural heritage sector
  • Stay informed about copyright trends, legal and policy changes, rights information and approaches to clearing rights
  • Share best practice, connect with like-minded professionals and promote your activities through our mailing list
  • Contribute to advancing digital cultural heritage in Europe by engaging with our projects, task forces and working groups

Activities and resources

How-to guide for labelling cultural heritage

How-to guide for labelling cultural heritage

This Task Force aims to assess the feasibility, and provide instructions to replicate in different jurisdictions, a decision-making schema for cultural heritage institutions that helps them identify copyright and neighbouring rights in their collections and select the correct rights statement when making them available online.

Copyright webinars

Explore rights clearance, open access and more!

Watch more webinars

Title: [Castellfollit de la Roca]

Creator: Desconegut

Date: 1910/1920

Institution: Ajuntament de Girona

Country: Spain

Public Domain

Meet the Steering Group

Meet Karin Glasemann, Community Chair and the members and manager of the steering group

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Title: Frederik Hendrik neemt als stadhouder zitting in de Staten van Holland, 1625

Date: 1732 - 1733

Institution: Rijksmuseum

Country: Netherlands

Public Domain

Latest news

The EU Copyright Reform’s great disservice to free use for educational purposes

Created: 7 July 2021

Ana Lazarova explores why, despite its aims, elements of the 2019 Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive (CDSM) pose challenges for cultural heritage institutions using digital content for education. 

Orphan Works and UK GLAMs: the case for a risk managed approach

Orphan Works and UK GLAMs: the case for a risk managed approach

Created: 10 June 2021

Risk management remains important for cultural heritage institutions who are clearing rights and publishing their collections online, particularly for UK cultural heritage institutions which are no longer able to use the Orphan Works Directive as a basis for sharing their collections online. Naomi Korn offers advice on this approach!

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