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Portrait of Andrea Wallace

Andrea Wallace

Lecturer in Law University of Exeter United Kingdom Education

Andrea Wallace is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Exeter. Her research explores legal issues surrounding copyright, cultural institutions and the public domain by examining the impact of digital technologies on the preservation, interpretation, and dissemination of cultural heritage. She frequently writes and presents on open culture and the impact that a claim to copyright in reproductions has on
meaningful access to cultural heritage in
the public domain.

Andrea’s previous projects include Display At Your Own Risk (with Ronan Deazley, Queen’s University Belfast), a research-led exhibition experiment featuring digital surrogates of public domain works made available by cultural institutions around the world. She is currently working on a new resource called the Copyright Cortex which catalogues material about copyright and digital cultural heritage to provide he GLAM sector with scholarly commentary, practical guidance, and real world place studies all in one place. She works closely with Douglas McCarthy to manage the data collected by the ongoing Open GLAM Survey.

More information about her work at:
Copyright Cortex -
Open GLAM Survey -
Display At Your Own Risk -