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2 minutes to read Posted on Thursday February 11, 2021

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

portrait of Ariadna Matas

Ariadna Matas

Policy Advisor , Europeana Foundation

Copyright office hours: supporting each other with copyright challenges

The Europeana Copyright Community invites you to share your copyright challenges, inspiration and questions in a new, informal discussion forum, beginning 25 February 2021.

Women sitting on a bench
Kvinnor sitter på en bänk invid
Selim Björses
National Library of Finland

The Europeana Copyright Community now has almost 800 members, and we are delighted to have so many people in our community. While some join because of their love for copyright, many do so to find answers, because copyright remains at times a challenging issue for those working in cultural heritage - and beyond! 

In the Copyright Community Steering Group, we believe there is very valuable knowledge within this community, and probably many common challenges. There are people who might have found solutions to the problems that others are facing. There are materials, guidelines, best practice or case studies produced in one country which could turn out to be the inspiration that others need. 

Through a set of regular and informal calls, we want to connect these dots and explore a different approach to supporting the community. We know there are many resources out there, but for some of the questions, a conversation can be much more helpful. When it comes to such a challenging topic, where sometimes there is no right answer, a bit of support can only do us good. 

How it will work

We will set up a call every six weeks. The conversations will be informal, and will not be recorded. The aim is to help each other by taking advantage of being part of such a broad network. 

You can come with any type of questions that are relevant to you, from the very specific to very broad, or even philosophical questions and general wonderings, as long as it is copyright and open access related. 

On each call, a couple members of the Copyright Community Steering Group, Andrea, Ellen, Fred, Karin, Marina, Scann, and Ariadna, will be there to moderate the discussions and share their thoughts, point you to relevant documentation or showcase examples. Others in the call might also have advice, and if not, we can try to find an answer together. In any case, please note that this will by no means constitute any legal advice.

From time to time, we might have guest speakers in the calls, showcasing a specific approach or case study, but want to avoid turning this into a formal webinar. 

These informal calls are a format we are not familiar with just yet. We will explore how the calls develop, see if they are helpful, and adapt them as we go. Feel free to contact us with your thoughts. In any case, we see it as a valuable opportunity to establish a two-way communication among the community, and to support each other, that we do not want to miss.

Join us

We have come up with a tentative schedule, and reminders will be sent via the Copyright Community Listserv and shared on our Twitter account:

  • 25 February at 13h CET. Register via this link

  • 8 April at 13h CET. Register via this link

  • 20 May at 13 CET. Register via this link

  • 1 July at 13h CET. Register via this link.  

You can add your questions and thoughts into this Google document. We will start exploring the topics and it will also help us ensure that the discussion is led by your thoughts. 

If you are not a member of the Copyright Community, you are still very welcome to participate in the call. If you wish to join the community for more support and resources, you can do so here.