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Workflow from shelf to Europeana

This Task Force aims to support cultural heritage organisations, especially smaller ones, to establish an easy-to-use workflow for each step 'from shelf to Europeana'. 

Posted on Monday November 14, 2022

Updated on Tuesday April 16, 2024

1 May 2022 to 31 August 2024
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A closed and open flower
Schachbrettblume (Fritillaria), Blütenknospe und Blüte von unten
Blossfeldt, Karl (Herstellung) (Fotograf)
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To achieve the aims of this Task Force, two streams of activities will be carried out:

  1. Defining a generic workflow 'from shelf to Europeana'
  2. Updating the FLOSS inventory to make it a state of the art directory of free or open tools and best practices that are mapped on the results of the generic workflow. 

The Task Force will contribute to the Europeana 2020-25 strategic priority #1: Strengthen the infrastructure by developing a standardised and easy to use workflow for content providers, supported by selected tools and best practices.


The Task Force hopes to help more small heritage organisations deliver higher quality (meta)data to Europeana, and support these organisations in their capacity building towards digital transformation.

Results will be disseminated at the 2023 Europeana conference, the 2023 Europeana Network Association AGM, and will inform interested parties via at least one webinar, a EuropeanaTech Insight issue and Europeana Pro News