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Libraries Working Group

This Working Group aims to support libraries to engage with Europeana.

Posted on Friday May 13, 2022

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

A pile of books
Still Life with Books
Segers, Hercules
c.1615 - c.1630


The Libraries Working Group (LWG) is a mechanism for CENL member libraries to engage with the Europeana Initiative. As a community forum and virtual aggregator, the Working Group will address library related Europeana activities and issues to support the development of a European Data Space for Cultural Heritage. It will facilitate a continued discussion on topics of relevance to libraries, and will provide an expert hub for the aggregation process.


The Working Group will:

  • Ensure a high quality representation of library materials in Europeana, especially text-based materials;
  • Facilitate capacity building (digital skills) and infrastructure development in the library sector;
  • Raise awareness of relevant Europeana policies and frameworks that support the digital transformation of the library sector;
  • Support CENL member libraries (prioritising on CENL member libraries from EU Member States) with metadata related issues and with the aggregation of library materials to Europeana.


Outcomes of the work performed by the Libraries Working Group can take various forms and depend on the nature of the work performed. The results can be anything from Europeana Pro news posts and communication campaigns, to recommendations, guidelines and tools to be used by aggregators working with library collections and CENL libraries aggregating directly with Europeana.