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ENA Membership Working group

This Working Group explores the membership benefits of the Europana Network Association (ENA), and looks for new ways to engage and recruit members. 

Posted on Friday April 23, 2021

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

The past year has been excellent for attracting new members to the ENA and the volume of applicants points to an encouraging trend that has been steadily increasing over time, with an average of 88 applicants per month. We want to keep working to improve people’s experience of joining the ENA, and to develop a dedicated, long-term instrument for facilitating a rewarding experience of ENA membership. We have been looking for new ways to utilise the potential of our members and explored how they can contribute to the ENA in fulfilling and meaningful ways while maintaining ongoing communication flows. To that end, the ENA Management Board has created a Working Group on membership dedicated to the following activities:

  • Examining the membership benefits and explore in depth what motivates people to join the ENA (building on the results of the 2020 ENA impact assessment and satisfaction survey)
  • Looking for new ways to recruit and actively engage ENA members 
  • Reflecting on the current customer journey that people experience when joining the ENA 

The Working Group’s mission is to:

  • Make the ENA more open, inclusive and diverse 
  • Encourage a more balanced regional representation in the ENA
  • Enable more multilingual collaborations within the ENA
  • Support and provide more opportunities for young, new and emerging professionals to get involved with the ENA (building on recommendations of the New Professionals Task Force).