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Posted on Thursday December 12, 2019

Updated on Sunday October 11, 2020

1 January 2020 to 31 January 2021
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New Professionals

10 years into Europeana’s existence, a recent report has recommended capacity building as a way forward to renew value and relevance within Europeana and the wider cultural heritage sector.

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Title: Interior with Lace-Worker and a Visitor; Reading Aloud

Date: 1650 - 1668

Institution: Rijksmuseum

Country: Netherlands

Public Domain

The purpose of this New Professionals Task Force is to create a capacity building programme to attract and support new, diverse professionals in the Europeana Network Association (ENA) with +/- 5 years experience working in, with, and around the cultural heritage sector. This Task Force will seek to identify challenges facing new professionals and aim to deliver recommendations for the implementation of a New Professionals Programme (NPP).

Digital experiences are transforming how audiences engage with digital cultural heritage and are driving new forms of participation and engagement. Early in their careers, New Professionals are argued to not have the autonomy, access or support structures in place to fully engage with the ENA or its activities. This Task Force will seek to identify solutions to attract, engage and support New Professionals, developing their skills and expertise, and encouraging them to participate in all that the ENA, its Communities and Europeana have to offer.

This Task Force will identify solutions to attract new, diverse professionals into the ENA and its Communities by delivering an inclusive capacity building programme. It has been recognised that the ENA is in a great position to champion the growth of the cultural heritage sector, accordingly, this Task Force will support the work of the Europeana Core Service, by strengthening the cross-domain fabric of the ENA, and fostering cultural diversity as recommended in the Europeana 2020 Strategy and Europeana Innovation Agenda.

Expected outcomes of the Task Force

  • Delivery of a New Professionals Programme with recommendations for;
  • Attracting new, diverse professionals into the ENA and Communities
  • Activities for New Professionals to support the ENA and its Communities
  • Mentoring and Europeana Conference Buddies
  • Outreach activities via Europea Blog, Europeana Conference, etc.
  • Sharing New Professional’s knowledge and concerns
  • Encourage active participation from New Professional

This Task Force is supported by the Impact Community