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Portrait of Cristina Roiu

Cristina Roiu

Head of International Marketing Unit The Romanian Academy Library Romania Cultural Heritage

I have been working in the library and cultural heritage field for a long time, coordinating at present the International Marketing Department of the Romanian Academy Library.

For me, collaborating with Europeana on several projects was the beginning of a nice journey that really changed my life.

During the four Europeana 1914-1918 crowdsourcing campaigns I have coordinated in Romania, I witnessed the power the project had in engaging people - which was amazing for a former socialist country where the public involvement in community projects is still very low. And the Europeana 1989 project was for me and the participants a necessary remembering of our recent communist history and a very useful ‘inter-generational dialogue’. An interesting 'inter-cultural’ dialogue was also our Europeana Migration campaign in Sibiu.

For me, collaborating on these projects was an opportunity to put my creativity and other personal skills to work and I also understood better the 'power of the crowds' when they are committed to work together on important community-related projects.

Europeana it not only about wonderful paintings or outstanding cultural heritage items. It is also about understanding our common past, learning how we can (re)discover shared values, and reinforcing the sense of belonging to Europe.

I have joined the Europeana Communicators Steering Group because I would like other people to have their own beautiful journey with Europeana content and activities, to have their own transformative experience using their creativity and skills as I have had. Because, after all, Europeana really transforms the world with culture. And we can discover this together and promote Europeana as the perfect place for public engagement.

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