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EuropeanaTech Community

Who we are

EuropeanaTech is the community of experts, developers, and researchers from the R&D sector within the greater Europeana Network Association.

What we do

We coordinate research and development endeavors that seek to improve the standing of European digital cultural heritage and facilitate knowledge across the sector at large.

Why join?

  • Network and collaborate with multidisciplinary technical professionals from around the world in Europeana’s largest digital cultural heritage community

  • Contribute to the forefront of digital cultural heritage through proposing and participating in EuropeanaTech Task Forces

  • Engage in discussion on our EuropeanaTech mailing list with over 1.000 other heritage technical professionals

  • Share your work through blogs or tackle bigger topics through our own publication, EuropeanaTech Insight.

Task Forces

Interoperability of annotations and user sets

Interoperability of annotations and user sets

The objective of this task force is to foster interoperability across the applications and projects in the Europeana context that produce, publish and/or consume annotations and user sets, by maturing the specifications that are used in the process, notably in terms of data models and APIs.

EuropeanaTech Community Work Plan 2020

The EuropeanaTech Community is one of the Europeana Network Association's six specialist communities. Explore their work plan for 2020.

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EuropeanaTech Insight

Activities and resources

R&D recommendations

Title: View of Haarlem with Bleaching Grounds

Creator: Jacob van Ruisdael

Date: Circa 1675

Institution: Mauritshuis

Country: Netherlands

Public Domain

R&D recommendations

Research and development recommendation reports produced as outcomes of activites of the EuropeanaTech special interest community.

Meet the Steering Group

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Latest news

Professionals in Focus - Clemens Neudecker

Title: Clemens Neudecker at EuropeanaTech Conference 2018

Creator: Sebastiaan ter Burg

Institution: Europeana Foundation

Country: Netherlands


Professionals in Focus - Clemens Neudecker

Created: 22 October 2020

In our ‘Professionals in Focus’ series, we speak to our Members Councillors about their roles, working lives and plans for their time on the Council. This month, Clemens Neudecker discusses his role as a research advisor at the Berlin State Library and the value of being part of the Europeana Network Association. 

Interoperable access for audiovisual collections - exploring Avalon Media System

Interoperable access for audiovisual collections - exploring Avalon Media System

Created: 3 August 2020

The Europeana Media player brings Europeana into a new era of IIIF compatible, interoperable and unified playout of audiovisual heritage material online. It builds on the work undertaken over the past ten years by the Avalon Media System and IIIF, and this post with EuropeanaTech takes a look at the history and growth of Avalon Media System.