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EuropeanaTech Community

Who we are

EuropeanaTech is the community of experts, developers, and researchers from the R&D sector within the greater Europeana Network Association.

What we do

We coordinate research and development endeavors that seek to improve the standing of European digital cultural heritage and facilitate knowledge across the sector at large.

Why join?

  • Network and collaborate with multidisciplinary technical professionals from around the world in Europeana’s largest digital cultural heritage community

  • Contribute to the forefront of digital cultural heritage through proposing and participating in EuropeanaTech Task Forces

  • Engage in discussion on our EuropeanaTech mailing list with over 1,000 other heritage technical professionals

  • Share your work through blogs or tackle bigger topics through our own publication, EuropeanaTech Insight.

Activities and resources

Task Forces

As a member of EuropeanaTech you can lead the way by contributing to or proposing Task Forces centred around a specific area. Explore the current Task Forces below.

Interoperability of annotations and user sets

Interoperability of annotations and user sets

This Task Force aims to foster interoperability across the applications and projects in the Europeana context that produce, publish and/or consume annotations and user sets, by maturing the specifications that are used in the process, notably in terms of data models and APIs.

EuropeanaTech Insight

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Latest news

Training our image classification model

Created: 2 June 2021

Previously, we introduced you to the Europeana Foundation’s image classification pilot, for which we had selected a target vocabulary and gathered a dataset to train a model to classify images from digitised cultural heritage. In this post, we analyse the results of the training, identify some challenges with our current approach, and propose future lines of work!

Pioneering AI for digital cultural heritage - an interview with Dr Cynthia Liem

Title: Cynthia Liem. In Copyright.

Creator: Marcel Krijger

Date: 2016-12-10

Pioneering AI for digital cultural heritage - an interview with Dr Cynthia Liem

Created: 14 April 2021

On Europeana Pro this month, we are exploring AI-related activities in the cultural heritage sector, and shining a light on women leading research, projects and work in this area. Today, Dr Cynthia Liem discusses her career as a musician and researcher, and the possibilities AI holds for the cultural heritage and performing arts sectors.