Europeana 2022 - making digital culture count

Europeana 2022 - making digital culture count took place from 28 - 30 September 2022. As a hybrid conference, it welcomed cultural heritage professionals from around the world both on-site, at the KB, National Library of the Netherlands in The Hague, and digitally. The conference explored how we can collaboratively build a common data space for cultural heritage and raised voices from across the sector to empower digital transformation and explore the role digital cultural heritage plays in today’s and tomorrow’s world. 

Day one saw us explore how we can build the data space for cultural heritage. On day two participants found out how storytelling, cultural heritage, and digital come together to connect institutions with audiences and with the trends, hot topics and major issues of today. On Day three we heard from EuropeanaTech on how technology paves the way to digital inclusion and cultural heritage preservation.

Explore the full programme through the link below.


Europeana 2022 offered a wide variety of in-person, online and hybrid sessions, and it might not have been possible to follow all of the action. So we are delighted to share a selection of the recordings of the keynotes, panel, and afternoon sessions from the conference for you to explore and rewatch at your leisure. Watch a recap of the conference and the keynote speeches below, or find all of the sessions on our Youtube playlist. 


Explore the keynotes and speakers at Europeana 2022 below

Rehana Schwinninger-Ladak

Harry Verwayen

Olia Hercules

Caitlin Southwick

Hosts and moderators