About Europeana 2021

As the cultural heritage sector looks to recover, rebuild and grow in post-pandemic times, Europeana 2021 - which took place from 10 -12 November - aimed to raise voices from across the sector to empower digital transformation and explore the role digital cultural heritage plays in supporting a sustainable, responsible and inspiring cultural heritage sector for today and tomorrow.

On Wednesday 10 November, the conference explored putting values at the heart of Europe's digital future. The diverse programme of afternoon sessions covered topics from youth engagement to hackathons, from multilinguality to tools for the common good - and at the end of the day the annual Europeana pub quiz! 

On Thursday 11 November, the focus turned to ensuring sustainable digital transformation. Our afternoon programme inspired with workshops and webinars on digital storytelling, fostering diversity and inclusion, greening your organisation, connecting heritage with communities and more. The Europeana Communicators #DigitalAperitivo, saw participants share the (open) culture they love over social media.

On Friday 12 November, the conference looked at how technology can be used to drive social change. Afternoon sessions covered topics like virtual reality and artificial intelligence, digital volunteering, crowdsourcing and how to measure the carbon footprint of your website.

If you enjoyed Europeana 2021 as much as we did, or missed out and don't want to miss out again in 2022, complete our short form below. People who register their interest will be the first to hear about the dates for Europeana 2022, the call for proposals, tickets, programme and more.

Why join?

Recover, Rebuild and Grow

Our inspiring keynotes will discuss how we can use digital cultural heritage to create a sustainable, value-led and inclusive cultural heritage sector.

Designed for and by you

We developed our conference programme with cultural heritage professionals. So if you work in, with or around digital cultural heritage, or want to learn more, join in.

Interactive and engaging

Get involved and interactive by taking part in three days of panel discussions, workshops and more. Follow and join in live post-session reflections and connect via #Europeana2021.

Designed for digital

Explore and build your own digital programme, then join in from your PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet as together we look to inspire and support the sector to recover, rebuild and grow.

Stay connected

Just because it’s digital doesn’t mean you'll miss out on important networking and social events. With over 500 professionals attending, check out and join our fringe events.

Build your skills

Europeana 2021 helps you develop skills for working with digital cultural heritage. Whether it's the basics or gaining new skills, to level up or refine existing knowledge, it is designed for all.


You can also explore the inspiring keynotes, exciting afternoon sessions and social events that happened through the link below.