Posted on Friday October 14, 2022

Updated on Wednesday November 9, 2022

How to build your storytelling skills and start writing for Europeana

Would you like to write for Europeana, sharing stories of collections and culture? Great! Let us help you! In this hands-on and interactive workshop, we’ll look at how to tell your story, as well as introduce you to the formats and processes you need to know to contribute to editorial on

Graffiti artwork with Utrecht Gnomes
Image of the graffiti artwork 'Utrecht' from 2015 with two Utrecht Gnomes (KBTRs)
Goosen, D.C.
The Utrecht Archives
29 November 2022
10:30 — 12:00 Online

Join international storyteller Clare Murphy, Director of Story at Mission Critical Team Institute USA and a consultant and trainer with many organisations worldwide, and some of the team behind Europeana’s blogs, galleries, exhibitions and social media to find out how you can start contributing your own stories. Through presentations and activities we’ll do together, we’ll explore what storytelling is all about, and how you can translate your ideas into engaging and relevant stories for Europeana’s audiences.

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