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Europeana Communicators

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Resampling archival recordings as electronic music. Listen in with RE:VIVE

Scores - Sander Molenaar



Resampling archival recordings as electronic music. Listen in with RE:VIVE

Rounding out our series on digital storytelling, Gregory Markus, Project Leader at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, lets us listen in on their latest projects. Via the RE:VIVE initiative, they’re reusing cultural heritage material to make electronic music that brings sounds and memories of the past to current audiences.

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Storytelling, co-creation and participation: putting the theory to the test

 As part of our series this month on digital storytelling, Sofie Taes and Valentina Bachi join us from Photoconsortium – part of the collaborative team behind ‘WeAre#EuropeForCulture’ – to share how they’re blending crowdsourced heritage with institutional heritage to bring stories across Europe to life.

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Taking over @OpenGLAM – telling Twitter stories with open collections

Taking over @OpenGLAM – telling Twitter stories with open collections

Today, as part of our digital storytelling series, Peter Soemers, chair of Europeana Communicators (a specialist community of the Europeana Network Association) provides some insights and tips for social media storytelling following his recent 10-day, 150-tweet @OpenGLAM Twitter takeover.

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Our goals

  1. Promote digital cultural heritage - create and share examples from around the world demonstrating that access to and use of digital cultural heritage (via Europeana or elsewhere) is critical, both for the sector and wider society.

  2. Be the best comms people we can be - support each other’s professional activities and development by sharing knowledge, expertise, and examples of communications tools and best practice.

By supporting each other to be the most effective communicators we can be, and by sharing examples of digital cultural heritage in action, we are building an evidence base that will encourage policymakers at both national and European levels to put digital cultural heritage at the heart of their discussions about the future.

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Who's who?

Meet Chair Peter Soemers, Co-Chair Susan Hazan, and Community Manager Beth Daley and members of the Steering Group.

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