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Europeana Communicators

A specialist community of the Europeana Network Association, made up of communications professionals, bloggers and influencers.

To join us, become a Europeana Network Association member, making sure to tick the box to join the Europeana Communicators community.  If you're already an ENA member, or you don't want to be, you can still sign up for our newsletter and join us on LinkedIn.

Our goals:

  1. Promote digital cultural heritage - create and share examples from around the world demonstrating that access to and use of digital cultural heritage (via Europeana or elsewhere) is critical, both for the sector and wider society.

  2. Be the best comms people we can be - support each other’s professional activities and development by sharing knowledge, expertise, and examples of communications tools and best practice.

Why do we do this? What's the bigger picture?

By supporting each other to be the most effective communicators we can be, and by sharing examples of digital cultural heritage in action, we are building an evidence base that will encourage policymakers at both national and European levels to put digital cultural heritage at the heart of their discussions about the future.

Our action plan

We've laid out an action plan that we update on a quarterly basis. In it, we outline our two goals and then suggest specific actions for the upcoming quarter that contribute to achieving them.

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Who's who?

Meet Chair Peter Soemers, Co-Chair Susan Hazan, and Community Manager Beth Daley and members of the Steering Group.

Communicators around the world

News from the Community

Sharing news best practice and campaign information from members in our community

Europeana Communicators - how we're helping each other be better communicators

Europeana Communicators - how we're helping each other be better communicators

Adopted into the Europeana Network Association last August as one of its six specialist communities, Europeana Communicators now has over 100 members, and has recently welcomed a new steering group. Find out who's who, what we've been doing, and what's coming up! Maybe even join us!

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Who are we, Europeana, in this digital transformation?

Who are we, Europeana, in this digital transformation?

Digital transformation is a phrase that's been reverberating through political spheres. But what exactly does it mean? And just where do we fit in this transformation? We posed these questions to Europeana Foundation Executive Director Harry Verwayen who spoke about values and impact and offered a more personal perspective into what it means to transform the world with culture on a daily basis.

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