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About the Consortium is a joint initiative of Europeana and the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). Europeana, the DPLA, and many other libraries, archives and other cultural heritage institutions believe that everyone should be able to engage with their cultural heritage online.

We can help achieve this by providing cultural heritage institutions with simple and standardized terms to summarize the copyright status of Works in their collection and how those Works may be used. These simple and standardized terms we call “Rights Statements.” Providing this information is essential for those who wish to actively engage with the works they find online. Can they use it in a school report? Print it on a t­-shirt? Integrate it into a commercial app?

The Consortium


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What we're working on

What does Europeana do as a consortium member? How does it relates to the services we provide for Data Partners?

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Read more about how the work of the consortium relates to the work we do at Europeana

Promoting Interoperability: Working on Rights

Promoting Interoperability: Working on Rights

pro This article originally appeared on the DPLA website .   When new Hubs become a part of the Digital Public Library …

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Meetings & Events

Find out where we'll be, talking about Rights Statements

International Rights Statements Working Group Annual Meeting

International Rights Statements Working Group Annual Meeting

Each year the Statements Working Group of the Consortium meet to address proposals for new rights statements, and to address issues which relate to their successful implementation and take up throughout the global cultural heritage sector.  

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Once a year the Steering Committee of the Consortium meet to discuss the development of the work of the consortium, and to develop strategy and planning for the year ahead.  

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