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Rights in digital objects and structured rights information at Europeana

In this webinar, Ariadna Matas and Maša Škrinjar will focus on explaining best practices for choosing rights statements when submitting digital objects to Europeana.

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Rights in digital objects and structured rights information at Europeana
22 September 2020
14:00 — 15:00 Webinar


They will explain how the copyright status of a collection item relates to the process of choosing a rights statement, license or tool; 
present the standardised tools that Europeana works with; walk the audience through the accurate use of these tools and important aspects to note; and showcase these processes through relevant examples.


  • Ariadna Matas is a Junior Policy Advisor at Europeana Foundation. She contributes to the management and development of Europeana's policies and frameworks with a strong focus on copyright, and supports the implementation of them through the Europeana Network. Ariadna studied Law in Spain and Germany and has a Masters's degree in Intellectual property Law.
  • Maša Škrinjar is a Data Ingestion Specialist at Europeana Foundation. After completing her degree in Art History and Sociology of Culture, and before joining Europeana, Maša worked for various cultural organisations, such as the Royal Academy of Arts in London and Art UK. She is passionate about democratising access to art through digitisation.