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2 minutes to read Posted on Monday November 6, 2023

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

portrait of Gregory Markus

Gregory Markus

EuropeanaTech Community Manager , Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision

Register to join EuropeanaTech’s new webinar series

Did you enjoy EuropeanaTech 2023? Would you like to learn more about audiovisual innovation, acoustics heritage and open knowledge maps? Then look no further than the EuropeanaTech community’s new webinar series!

Etching of a large firework display
Siegesfeuerwerk für einen fürstlichen Feldherrn
Hieronymus Sperling (Künstler_in)

Last month, we were delighted to welcome over 1,100 participants to EuropeanaTech 2023, which took place on site in the Hague and online. As a community, it was fantastic to see the enthusiasm for the topics in focus, and the diversity of the keynotes, presentations and workshops demonstrates that the EuropeanaTech community is active and proficient in all corners of digital cultural heritage R&D.

Inspired to continue the knowledge exchange and discussions of the conference, we are delighted to announce that EuropeanaTech is organising a new series of regular webinars, providing a platform for our community members - and all interested participants! - to come together online.

We want to keep the webinars informal, relaxed and fluid, and so the new series will feature only one speaker, giving them the chance to dive deeper into a topic without the pressures of time constraints. Additionally, by freeing up more time during the sessions, we will provide more room for discussion and conversation.

Over the next month we will hold webinars related to Open Knowledge Maps with its founder Peter Kraker, a long-time open science advocate and researcher in audiovisual digitisation and preservation; with audiovisual specialist Martin Weiss and film specialist researcher Dr. Simon Spiegel from University of Zurich; and with Yannick Sluyts, PhD researcher in architectural acoustics at KU Leuven and Angela Bellia, researcher at the National Research Council specialising in soundscape archaeology, aural architecture, sonic heritage, archaeoacoustics and digital heritage.

You can find out more and register for these webinars through the links below:

As we’d like to continue having these webinars regularly, we’re always looking for speaker suggestions or co-curators who would like to help bring awareness and expertise to the myriad of topics relevant to the EuropeanaTech community. If you’re interested, please contact me (

And of course, to stay up to date with the latest developments in research and development in the cultural heritage sector, network with peers and collaborate, join the EuropeanaTech Community today!