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About the Consortium is a joint initiative of Europeana and the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). Europeana, the DPLA, and many other libraries, archives and cultural heritage institutions believe that everyone should be able to engage with their cultural heritage online.

We can help achieve this by providing cultural heritage institutions with simple and standardised terms to summarise the copyright status of works in their collection and how those works may be used. We call these terms 'Rights Statements.' Providing this information is essential for those who wish to actively engage with the works they find online. Can they use it in a school report? Print it on a t­-shirt? Integrate it into a commercial app? You can find guidance on all this and more on the website.

The Consortium


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How Lithuania gamified learning about copyright and rights statements for cultural heritage

Together with the National Library of Lithuania, Jurga Gradauskaitė and Juozas Markauskas have developed an innovative project that uses teamwork, workshops, and a smartphone app to engage arts and music students to learn about applying rights statements to Lithuanian heritage. 

Community effort to translate copyright terms into 5 languages

Imagine you’ve discovered a great object on Europeana Collections. You want to use it, but you’re not sure how to do it correctly. Would it be easier for you to understand and share if the copyright and reuse information was correct and available in your native language? We believed it would and our Copyright Community has made it happen.