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Posted on Thursday August 28, 2014

Managing a Project

General guidelines for every stage of managing a Europeana-related project.

If you have already started working on a project linked to Europeana, welcome! We look forward to working with you to make Europe's diverse and valuable cultural heritage accessible to the global community. These guidelines offer you general insights into starting and managing a Europeana-related project.

Queen and attendant from BL Harley 4431, f. 290, Christine de Pizan, The British Library, Public Domain

Proposal phase

If you are in the proposal stage of a project or have never worked with us before, have a look at the Projects FAQs to answer any general questions about how to contribute content to us or develop technical expertise with us.

Project roles of Europeana Foundation

Europeana’s services are under constant development by a network of content and technology projects. Mostly co-funded by the European Union, each of these projects works to a detailed Description of Work describing its objectives, timetables, milestones and deliverables. Many of Europeana’s partner institutions participate in one or more projects, and the Europeana Foundation can take a project role as a coordinator, consortium member or subcontractor. Depending on the level of engagement and expertise needed from us, we will discuss with you the appropriate role we can take within your project.

About Europeana projects

Each project delivers some combination of new content and/or new technology, though some focus more on expanding content collections and some work more on enhancing and extending the underlying technical services of Europeana. As you get started, we will introduce you to the processes and people you need to know. If you are unfamiliar with any of the terminology we use, please have a look at the Europeana Glossary of common words and phrases.

image: Elco van Staveren, Denkschets, CC BY-SA

Dissemination and Documentation

Europeana Pro includes a wealth of information to support you with your project - from strategies and policies to help with providing and using Europeana data, as well as latest news from Europeana and other projects. You can also look at the work of other projects and use their experiences to guide your own.

Once your project is underway, we will set up a space for you on the Europeana Pro Projects page. Here we can upload your relevant public documents such as Deliverables and Milestones. This area also serves as a repository of past projects where documentation and best-practice is shared for the benefit of the entire Network.


Tell us about your events and we will spread the word to the Europeana Network. We are happy to send a Europeana representative to conferences and events organised by your project when and if possible for us. If you would like a Europeana representative to speak at your event, get in touch and we will find the most suitable person.