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Posted on Thursday January 12, 2023

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

EIT Culture & Creativity

EIT Culture & Creativity empowers cultural and creative sectors and industries to take the lead in digital, green and social transitions for a carbon-neutral Europe.

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Creatives without borders, innovation without limits

EIT Culture & Creativity is the ninth knowledge and innovation community launched by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). It is designed to strengthen and transform Europe’s cultural and creative sectors and industries (CCSI) by increasing their innovation capacity and competitiveness.

EIT Culture & Creativity will unlock latent value of CCSI stakeholders through technology transfer, improved cross-sectoral collaboration and policy support. The initiative will also harness CCSIs’ unique position to facilitate the triple transitions in Europe: green, digital and social.

This multi-million programme has been announced in June 2022, is being set up in 2023 and will be fully operational in January 2024. It will be implemented by a consortium of 50 partners from 20 countries across Europe, including Europeana Foundation and our long-standing collaborative partner, Time Machine Organisation. In addition, six co-location centres (CLCs) will be set up to ensure pan-European coverage and accessibility for innovators and creatives.

A map of Europe showing the EIT Culture and Creativity co-location centres
EIT Culture and Creativity co-location centres
October 2022
EIT Culture and Creativity
A map of Europe showing the EIT Culture and Creativity co-location centres

EIT Culture & Creativity will run ten Action Programmes with open project calls, serving five Strategic Objectives:

• SO1 Education: Make students and professionals future-proof.

• SO2 Innovation: Create cross-domain opportunities.

• SO3 Creation: Build strong ventures for impact and growth.

• SO4 Society: Regenerate values and social cohesion.

• SO5 Systems: Drive transformative change.