Members Council

Each year Europeana Network Association members elect a governing body of 36 representatives to form the Members Council. The Members Council decides on the Association’s priorities, steers its activities and ensures general progress against the Europeana Strategy. Meet the current Council below!

All Europeana Network Association Members can run for election as a Members Councillor - find out more through the Europeana Network Association Statutes, Bylaws, Procedures and Councillor Terms of Reference.

2021 Members Council elections: presenting the candidates

In this year’s Europeana Network Association Members Council elections, 73 candidates came forward to compete for 27 available seats. Take a look at their profiles and vote for your favorites between 3 and 10 November 2021.

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Title: Sportolók
Creator: Bauer Sándor, fényképész
Date: 1956
Institution: Fortepan
Country: Hungary