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We recognize the huge value of linking researchers with cultural heritage institutions. Bringing Europe’s galleries, museums, libraries, and archives within digital reach allows researchers to access a much wider scope of material and opinion. Europeana Research exists to make that flow of information easier.

To help us reach our goal of promoting the use of our data in academic research, we receive guidance from the Research Advisory Board, which consists of experts in the field of digital humanities and is chaired by Prof. Lorna Hughes. 

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Paintings from the Nationalmuseum in Sweden

Created: 8 September 2017

Paintings from the Nationalmuseum in Sweden

Created: 8 September 2017

This dataset from the Nationalmuseum contains over 8000 paintings in the public domain from all over Europe and represents artistry from multiple centuries. The Nationalmuseum has delivered this dataset to Europeana with IIIF resources included, providing a rich viewing experience and many options for reuse in research.

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    Flygtekniska försöksanstalten, Låghastighetsmodell av flygplan Saab 105 i vindtunnel på Flygtekniska försöksanstalten. En man hänger upp modellen


    Public Domain
    PageCreated: 19 April 2017


    Europeana APIs allow you to build applications that use the wealth of our collections drawn from the major museums and galleries across Europe.

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