Posted on Thursday October 22, 2020

Updated on Wednesday August 4, 2021


This partnership, established in 2015, focuses on integrating digital cultural heritage data from Europeana into CLARIN’s research infrastructure for use by scholars, students and all those who are interested in language resources. CLARIN and Europeana also work together to promote Europeana’s mission and resources to the academic community through a number of outreach activities. 

CLARIN Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure logo

CLARIN is the European Infrastructure for Language Resources and Technology. It is composed of 21 national consortium members and has been a Europeana Research partner since 2015. 

The first years of the partnership were spent on setting up a stable process to evaluate, select and ingest digital cultural heritage from Europeana. Since 2019, CLARIN has structurally harvested  Europeana resources into the Virtual Language Observatory (VLO) allowing researchers interested in language resources to reuse them with the variety of tools available on the Language Resource Switchboard. 275,000 Europeana records are now available on CLARIN’s VLO, making Europeana the content provider with the highest number of items in terms of individual records to this platform. 

CLARIN and Europeana Research also co-organise a number of outreach activities (workshops, presentations), including at the CLARIN Annual Conference.