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Posted on Monday August 7, 2017

Crowd and match funding

Crowdfunding is the practice of raising small amounts of money from a large number of individuals to finance new business, social, educational or creative ventures. It has quickly become a mainstream practice for raising investment from a large number of individuals, especially for new business, social, educational or creative ventures. Start-ups and creatives are now liberated from the traditional circle of self-investment, family, friends and banks. Projects also gain legitimacy and new audiences, fans and backers by harnessing the value of the crowd.

Propel your idea forward

Europeana works with Platoniq’s crowdfunding platform to help you design and promote your crowdfunding campaigns. Goteo is a platform dedicated to projects generating a collective return by promoting the commons, open code and free knowledge.

Benefit from match funding

We offer routes into match funding as a way of increasing the impact of crowdfunding. Also available through the Goteo platform, match funding encourages co-investment between public and private institutions and the crowd. The crowd is invited to invest in a project through small fund donations and the institution matches these contributions. Because of the institution’s support, the credibility of the crowdfunded project increases, resulting in better chances of success for the campaign and a larger budget.