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2 minutes to read Posted on Friday January 29, 2021

Updated on Monday November 6, 2023

portrait of Ariadna Matas

Ariadna Matas

Policy Advisor , Europeana Foundation

portrait of Karin Glasemann

Karin Glasemann

Deputy Head of Collection , ArkDes, The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design

Copyright Community work plan 2021

The Europeana Copyright Community is one of the Europeana Network Association's six specialist communities. Explore their work plan for 2021. 

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Stiftelsen Nordiska museet

The Copyright Community seeks to aid practitioners in the cultural heritage sector to navigate copyright in their collections, to help them advocate for adequate institutional support around copyright, and to provide guidance around how to contribute to adequate legal frameworks in their countries. 

Throughout 2021, it will do so through a series of efforts, including curating a page with useful copyright tools, refining copyright guidelines for cultural heritage institutions, setting up informal online calls to exchange ideas and tips, and much more. 

Read and download the full Copyright Community work plan below. You can also join the Europeana Copyright Community

1. Steering Group Composition

As of January 2021, the composition of the Copyright Community Steering Group is of five members, the chair and a community manager: 




An open call to the copyright community will be made for those wishing to join the Steering Group.

2. Community Aspiration

The aspirations of the copyright community are to aid practitioners in the cultural heritage sector to navigate copyright in their collections, to help them advocate for adequate institutional support around copyright, and to provide guidance around how to contribute to adequate legal frameworks in their countries. 

This aspiration is based on feedback received from the copyright community at the end of 2019 and throughout 2020, including during online conversations led through a series of webinars, the Fashion Heritage event and the Europeana conference. It also takes note of the Europeana copyright strategy 2020-2025.

3. Activities

The steering group will lead these efforts, and the whole community will be invited to actively participate. The copyright community and its steering group will also be called upon by Europeana Foundation to contribute their views to copyright policy questions. 

Copyright tools

Maintain a tools page where professionals in the sector can find copyright support. 

  • The page will be curated by the copyright community steering group. 

  • It will be regularly updated with useful tools, noting the importance of diversity in language and jurisdiction. 

Guidelines for practitioners

Finalise and disseminate the guidelines for practitioners

  • This work consists of continuing the work initiated during 2020 in the development of the guidelines. 

  • The guidelines establish best practice when dealing with copyright within an institution, including: a) what is an appropriate level of training, b) adequate resources and c) encouraging to look at risk differently in the management of the collections.

  • We will consider next steps for its further development as a tool for the sector.  

Copyright office hours

Set up “copyright office hours” to welcome people with questions and exchange ideas and thoughts with them to hopefully support their copyright work.

  • We will make it clear that it is not copyright advice. 

  • It will start as a pilot, with an evaluation after several sessions and the possibility of turning this into webinars.


Conduct translation activities to ensure that relevant copyright-related documentation is available in multiple languages

  • We will conduct translation sprints throughout the year

  • We will aim at having the public domain charter and usage guidelines available in all European languages

  • We will select additional materials for translation

Open access and ethics

Raise awareness to contribute to expanding the knowledge and expertise around Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expression management, while balancing it with the positive aspects of open access. We will showcase case studies on relevant topics.

Rights labelling taskforce

Complete the work of the rights labelling taskforce. 

  • This will include the delivery of a final recommendation. 

Standardised rights information

Promote the use of standardised rights information across European institutions 

  • This will include collaborating with relevant organisations to support their adoption.

4. Outreach and collaboration

  • We will communicate and raise awareness of important developments through formats such as webinars or podcasts, including reusing content from webinars we have already conducted. We will reach out to other Europeana communities to identify and work together towards common objectives

  • We will invite guests to write posts to be published on Europeana Pro on relevant topics for the sector

  • We will communicate our activities through the EuropeanaIPR twitter account, the copyright community mailing list and the newsletter. 

  • We will share and promote our activities and outputs through channels beyond Europeana to have a bigger impact in the sector. 

  • We will establish regular conversations with organisations working on the same topics, namely Creative Commons, the Rights Statements Consortium, the OpenGLAM initiative, the Museum Computer Network, the Network of European Museum Organisations, the DARIA ELDAH working group, among others.

5. Budget

  • Design of guidelines for practitioners / 700 eur. carry over from 2020 unspent budget

  • Involvement of experts in traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expression / 500 eur.

  • Translation activities / 2500 eur.