2 minutes to read Posted on Friday September 25, 2020

portrait of Ariadna Matas

Ariadna Matas

Policy Advisor , Europeana Foundation

Europeana Copyright 2020-2025

This document provides clarity on the objectives that Europeana works towards when it comes to copyright, aligned with the Europeana Strategy 2020-2025 Empowering Digital Change

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Title: Dona amb dos nens en braços
Creator: Desconegut
Date: 1923/1936
Institution: Ajuntament de Girona
Country: Spain
Public Domain

It sets out guiding principles for Europeana’s copyright work throughout 2020 to 2025. It describes the environment we currently operate in and identifies three main priorities that we will work towards as an initiative and in collaboration with others. 

Download the full strategy below.