Portrait of Douglas McCarthy

Network Association Member

Douglas McCarthy

Network Association Member Europeana Staff
Collections Manager, Art & Photography Europeana Foundation Netherlands

+31 (0) 70 314 0679

Over the past fifteen years, Douglas has worked in national museums, private art collections and picture libraries in a variety of roles, including photo studio manager, digital curator, archivist, picture researcher and registrar. The binding elements in Douglas's career are a passion for visual culture and a keen intellectual curiosity.

Since joining Europeana in early 2016, Douglas has established Europeana Art as an engaging collaborative platform for Europe's art collections and audiences everywhere. Douglas oversaw the recent launch of Europeana Photography, the latest thematic collection, which he manages in partnership with Photoconsortium.



  • Europeana Art Advisory Board
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    Europeana Art Advisory Board

    We want it to reach everyone interested in engaging with European art in all its facets.

    Our job is to provide counsel and guidance on how to make Europeana Art History Collections reach its goals, to invite new partners to share their art collections with Europe’s online users, and to suggest new opportunities and pathways for using and enjoying the collection on the world wide web.