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Benedetto Ligorio is a Post-doc researcher in History of Eastern Europe in Sapienza University of Rome. And in the same university he gained the Ph.D 'cum laude' on Early modern History. He gained the Magister Degree in History and Society and the Bacelor Degree in Historical Sciences in Roma Tre University. His researches interests concerns the cross-cultural trade history of Adriatic-Balcans area in 16th-17th century with particular reference to the Republic of Ragusa (Dubrovnik). He published two monographies about the relations of Jews and public power in Medieval Era and is the author of a series of papers about the role of Sephardic network in the Republic of Ragusa. He works as post-doctoral researcher in the department of philosophy of Sapienza University of Rome. His focus of research are early modern and modern Eastern European studies, digital and methodogical research, and Historical applicative of Artificial Intelligence