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Member States

Member States of the European Union fund, encourage and co-ordinate activities which occur on a national level related to the Europeana Initiative. In this dedicated area for Member States, we share updates on strategy, policy recommendations, country reports and relevant frameworks. 

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Strategy 2020-2025 summary

With this strategic plan for 2020-2025, the Europeana Initiative will be strengthened, supported and reinvigorated as a strong networked organisation.

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The impact of COVID-19 presents immediate challenges to the cultural and creative sector. The crisis underlines the power of culture and the importance of digital access. In the short term the Europeana Foundation  will support the sector by developing and curating online resources that can be of immediate use, such as webinars on topics that support capacity building. And in the months that follow we will focus our efforts on digital transformation to ensure that our work reflects the challenges the sector will face as a result of this crisis.

Recommendations and publications

Country reports

Explore Europeana activities by Member State.


Country Reports

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Publishing Framework

Publishing Framework

The Europeana Publishing Framework makes it easy for you, our data partners, to see how the quality of the metadata and content you provide affects how we can surface, showcase and promote it on Europeana Collections and beyond, and how others can view it, share it and work with it. 

Europeana Publishing Guide

Europeana Publishing Guide

The Europeana Publishing Guide is a resource for data partners who share collections with Europeana. It outlines the minimum metadata required to incorporate your data in Europeana.

Europeana Content Strategy

Europeana Content Strategy

Our new Content Strategy will help our organisation and partners to identify what kind of content we need to expand, what content we need to restrain, and who takes ownership of the decision making process.

Europeana Licensing Framework

Title: Europeana Licencing Framework

Institution: Europeana

Country: The Netherlands


Europeana Licensing Framework

An introduction to the Europeana Licensing Framework and Data Exchange Agreement


Title: Impact Workshop EDCR Glasgow

Creator: Sebastiaan ter Burg

Date: December 2016

Country: Netherlands



The Impact Playbook, inspiration, practical resources and a community to help develop and refine impact practice.