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Posted on Wednesday March 21, 2018

Hitchcock sessions

Hitchcock sessions are extremely useful ways to update all staff on interesting developments and to showcase results.

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Named after the famous director (because our second offices had what looked like a shower curtain in the middle of room around a big table), Hitchcock sessions are meetings for the whole organisation to be informed about topics, developments, processes or ideas, related to Europeana, our work and our network. 

If you have something interesting to discuss, you can run a session. The Hitchcock sessions tend to occur monthly and time slots will be planned in advance. To join the Hitchcock session remotely, please contact your team leader / team members in the office or Sarah (in case contacting team leader / team members is not possible).

Who can run a Hitchcock session?

Anyone, as long as you have something to share that will be interesting for the full office. It’s also possible to invite external people to run a session.

What topics can I bring up for a Hitchcock session?

Anything that is interesting or relevant to the whole office. We aim to have a mix of different types of subjects/teams throughout the year. Some of the varied topics covered already include: IIIF, the AGM, copyright reform, Europeana governance, the aggregation process, linked data, specific projects, our yearly business plans.

What do Hitchcock sessions look like?

Typically they happen over lunchtime in one of our big meeting rooms (so anyone can bring their own lunch, sorry we cannot provide lunch for you) and include 30 minutes of presentation and discussions. More in-depth discussions can go on for 30 minutes if attendees are interested. But please prepare a core session of 30 minutes, so everyone still has time for a break afterwards.

What do I do if I want to run a Hitchcock session?

Talk to your manager as he/she will need to approve it.