Our Brand

Consistent branding helps us to build our identity and be instantly recognisable. We aim to foster innovation and embrace digital change, and our branding reflects that by being clear and direct. On this page, you can find information about our branding and the elements that compose it.


The Europeana logo is used across our communications. We aim for it to be instantly recognisable, so consistency is crucial. Please don’t change, distort, recolour, or reconfigure it.


The ‘Basic’ logo is used to refer to the Europeana Initiative or to the Europeana Foundation, rather than to one of its individual projects or products.

The logo is either black or white. Please ensure that you pick the version that contrasts most strongly with the background so it remains readable.

There are two variants for this logo, vertical and horizontal, each with their own minimum margin to ensure full readability.


You can download EPS or PNG files. Each download includes approved formats and color options


The ‘Extended’ logo is used solely for Europeana products, communities, and a selection of on-going projects.

The Europeana glyph (main symbol) and wordmark is always black. The ‘Extended’ section is a lighter grey.

Made with Europeana

Use the ‘Made with Europeana’ logo in addition to your other logo(s) if your work falls within one of the following categories:

  • Project initiatives: Your Europeana project has, or results in, an initiative or service that has its own name and visual identity.

  • Partnership and collaboration: You are working in partnership with us, with Europeana providing data and API access, or playing another major role in your initiative. You have a close ongoing working relationship or collaboration with Europeana in a specific area and need to reflect that e.g. in presentations on related subjects.

  • Association: You are not a Europeana project or partner but you are using our content or API and would like to acknowledge that.

The ‘Made with’ logo is only available in black or white. Please ensure that the ‘Made with’ logo is given a reasonable surrounding margin space. The minimum height of the ‘Made with’ logo is 28 pixels.


You can download EPS or PNG files. Each download includes all approved formats and color options


We work with two typefaces - Open Sans and PT Serif. Both of these are available for free as web fonts and align with our brand by being functional, accessible and modern. These precise and simple fonts align with our clear and welcoming communications.


We use Open Sans in upper case for our titles and calls to action. Straplines use Open Sans Regular and use upper and lower case, as per normal sentences.

We use PT Serif for quotations. The elegance of this font contrasts the minimal aesthetics of Open Sans.


Using consistent colours helps to distinguish our brand and consolidate experiences across our organisation. We use colour to deliberately highlight different aspects of our communications and products. 

Primary palette

Our primary palette uses a bright and bold colour together with a contrasting white and black. It is used throughout our products and marketing to direct the eye and highlight important sections. We complement our primary palette with more varied and colourful secondary palette colors to infuse energy and diversity. 

Innovation Blue
HEX  #0A72CC
RGB  10,114,204
CMYK  95,44,0,20
PMS  285 C
HEX  #1A1A1A
RGB  26,26,26
CMYK  73,67,65,78
RGB  255,255,255

Secondary palette

Our secondary palette contains a variety of fresh and vibrant colors. We rely on these colors more frequently within our products and marketing, online and print. When used in conjunction with our primary palette, this palette emboldens and reinforces our brand.

Jade Green
HEX  #219D31
RGB  33,157,49
CMYK  79,0,69,38
HEX  #E11D53
RGB  225,29,83
CMYK  0,87,63,12
HEX  #8A3375
RGB  138,51,117
CMYK  0,63,15,46
RGB  255,174,0
CMYK  0,32,100,0
RGB  217,212,202
CMYK  13,11,14,0

Extended palette

The extended palette consists of all the usable tints and shades of each color in the palette. Solely used on screen, they add an additional colour range to our products and online marketing.

Light Blue
HEX  #79B2E3
RGB  121,178,227
Dark Blue
HEX  #085395
RGB  8,83,149
Light Green
HEX  #71C07B
RGB  113,192,123
Dark Green
HEX  #197324
RGB  25,115,36
Light Pink
HEX  #E95A81
RGB  233,90,129
Dark Pink
HEX  #A4163D
RGB  164,22,61
Dark Purple
HEX  #652656
RGB  101,38,86
Light Yellow
RGB  255,203,92
Dark Yellow
HEX  #BA7F00
RGB  186,127,0
Off white
RGB  241,241,238
Light grey
HEX  #A6A6A6
RGB  166,166,166
Medium grey
HEX  #808080
RGB  128,128,128
Dark grey
HEX  #4D4D4D
RGB  77,77,77