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Consistent branding helps us to build our identity and be instantly recognisable. We aim to foster innovation and embrace digital change, and our branding reflects that by being clear and direct.

We want to help our partners, media and content producers to use our brand while respecting our guidelines and restrictions. On this page, you will find our logo and information on how you can use it properly.

Our main logo

The Europeana Initiative logo is used across our communications, and is the only visual identity or icon used to show that work is part of the Europeana Initiative or supported by the Europeana Initiative.

We aim for it to be instantly recognisable, so consistency is crucial. Please don’t change, distort, recolour, or reconfigure our logo. The logo is either black or white. Make sure that you pick the version that contrasts most strongly with the background so it remains readable.

There are two variants for this logo, vertical and horizontal, each with their own minimum margin to ensure full readability.

 Horizontal logo

The ‘Horizontal’ logo is the main version of the Europeana Initiative’s logo and it is used to refer to the Europeana Initiative or to the Europeana Foundation, rather than to one of its individual projects or products.

The logo is either black or white. Please ensure that you pick the version that contrasts most strongly with the background so it remains readable.

Vertical logo

Using our ‘Vertical logo’ is also possible. Please ensure that you are following the same guidelines as the use of the ‘Horizontal logo’.


You can download EPS or PNG files. Each download includes approved formats and color options.

Final approval

Before uploading and sharing your material containing the Europeana Initiative’s logo, please reach out to the person you’re working with at Europeana. Whether you customise a template or design your own art, remember that Europeana must review and explicitly approve all artwork prior to production.