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Portrait of Marianna Marcucci

Marianna Marcucci

Management Board Member
MC Term: January 2022 - December 2024
Digital Media Curator Invasioni Digitali Creative industries

I co-founded “Invasioni Digitali” (Digital Invasions), a bottom-up initiative created in Italy in 2013. Invasioni Digitali aims to promote the value of and engagement with local cultural heritage. I’m in Audience engagement and Development. I design, implement and promote digital communication strategies for cultural organizations and travel businesses. I support organizations in creating and managing relationships with online and offline communities and target audiences, developing digital- enabled tools to communicate in creative ways. I deal with exploring different ways of communicating cultural content with the use of new media to reach ever more and more involved audiences, combining the use of social media and storytelling.

News posts

  • Professionals in Focus - Marianna Marcucci
    Marianna Marcucci. In copyright.
    Sandra Luoni
    March 2021.
    Marianna Marcucci
    News Created: 23 June 2022 Marianna Marcucci Georgia Evans

    Professionals in Focus - Marianna Marcucci

    In our ‘Professionals in Focus’ series, we speak to Councillors about their roles, working lives and plans for their time on the Members Council. Today, Marianna Marcucci tells us about how her experiences in pharmacy and the hotel industry all contributed to her love for digital engagement. 

  • Bringing 3D into Digital Invasions
    Students during the 3D Digital Invasions at the Civic Museum of Castello Ursino in Catania, Sicily
    Prof. Cettina Santagati
    News Created: 16 April 2020 Marianna Marcucci

    Bringing 3D into Digital Invasions

    The advent of 3D technology is bringing new opportunities for the cultural heritage sector, offering innovative ways to provide access to heritage for education, tourism, research and enjoyment. In this post, we hear about how Invasioni Digitali (Digital Invasions) - a crowdsourcing initiative which aims to promote the value of and engagement with local heritage - has made 3D a feature of ‘invasions.’