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Europeana Foundation is the operator of Europeana, the European Union’s digital platform for cultural heritage. Our activities to maintain and develop the core service platform are funded under the Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI) project funding cycles. Throughout the years, we have also participated in other EU funded projects to support cultural heritage institutions in their digital transformation. Focus areas vary from digitisation and aggregation of high-quality data to technological innovation, reuse and capacity building. 

If you want to explore new EU-funded project opportunities with Europeana, please get in contact via the form below.

EU projects

Project news

Presenting the Opening Up Historiana project

Title: A teacher from Czech Republic during a feedback session of the project, CC-BY 4.0

Date: 2019-08-30

Institution: Institute of the Study of Totalitarian Regimes

Presenting the Opening Up Historiana project

Created: 19 August 2020

The Opening Up Historiana project was a Europeana Generic Services Project which created new ways for history educators to create, share and use eLearning Activities with content from the Europeana collections website. We explore the features the project developed.

Saint George on a Bike leverages the power of AI for European cultural heritage

Saint George on a Bike leverages the power of AI for European cultural heritage

Created: 13 August 2020

Saint George on a Bike is a Europeana Generic Services project which aims to improve the quality and quantity of open metadata associated with imagery from European cultural heritage. In this post, the project team take a look at what it aims to achieve.