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Partners who share their material through Europeana Collections must provide links to media resources as part of their metadata. On these pages, you can find the Europeana Media Policy, which outlines requirements for our partners, as well as case studies, further guidance, and news related to media.

Media Policy

Outlines the requirements for the links to the media resources that are part of the provided metadata.

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Media Proxy and Broken links

GLAM tech: Making viewing items on Europeana Collections seamless with the Europeana Media Proxy

Created: 27 July 2018

There’s always some construction going on behind the scenes of Europeana Collections. We're constantly making improvements to make searching for and viewing cultural heritage seamless. One of our tools is the Europeana Media Proxy. In this GLAM tech series post, we tell you all about it.

Keeping digitised heritage accessible: the case of broken links

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science: a woman inspecting a microscope in a tank. Photograph, c. 1933, Wellcome Collection, CC BY.

Keeping digitised heritage accessible: the case of broken links

Created: 14 August 2018

Ever find yourself frustrated by a link that doesn’t take you to where you want to go? Is there anything worse than a 404 message that the page doesn’t exist? Find out what we are doing at Europeana to combat this and boost SEO.

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